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About 1:15 am Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constables along with Splendora Police were conducting a traffic stop on I-69 over East River Drive. A Splendora Officer was under the truck that was stopped searching it. The suspect was cuffed behind his vehicle talking to a deputy who was standing next to one of the patrol cars. Other deputies were searching the truck. A male driver in a Tesla was northbound and never slowed down for the lights ahead. He slammed into a patrol car driving it into the other vehicles. The officer under the truck was drug a short distance, the suspect was thrown under one of the vehicles and a deputy standing next to the patrol car who had been talking to the suspect was hit by the mirror on the patrol car possibly breaking his arm.  The Sargeant who was standing between the bridge wall and the vehicles were almost thrown over the wall to a thirty-foot drop.  DPS arrested the driver of the Tesla who was uninjured, for DWI. Andrew James with the Montgomery County District Attorneys Office Vehicular Crimes Unit responded to the scene to assist in the investigation. The freeway reopened at 3:30 am. The suspect is in stable condition at Kingwood Hospital. The other officers are still being evaluated.  It is unknown if the Tesla was in auto-drive mode and if it was why it did not sense the emergency vehicles and slow down and move over.
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