12 Best British Cars through the Ages: Classy Continuation Models and Restoration Projects

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Going back in time for less than a century, when the United Kingdom was still an empire and its carmakers weren’t yet owned by the now former colonies, would bring us to the true golden age of British automaking. The era when the designs and engineering solutions associated with the Union Jack were universally recognized and even worshipped. Today we would like to invite you on a journey through the ages by taking a look at the most iconic car models, best restoration projects and stunning continuations with the UK origins.

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Ecurie Ecosse LM-C: and Jaguar C-Type:

The Scottish national team Ecurie Ecosse associates its early victories with the C-Type, so this year they are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the model by releasing 7 timeless LM-C replicas.

RR Classic Project by :

When it comes to restoring and upgrading old Land Rovers, Automotive’s expertise is unmatched in the segment. Typically, the company specializes in customizing 1st generation Defenders, but occasionally some Range Rover Classics also fall into their specialists’ hands.

Land Rover Series I:

In 2016, Land Rover launched the all-new “reborn” project dedicated to restoring early years Land Rovers and allowing new customers experience the brand’s most iconic models. The first unit to undergo a full rebuilding at the historic Solihul location is this 1950 Series I model with an extremely short 80-in wheelbase.

Lunaz Rolls-Royce Phantom V:

Built in 1961 and electrified in 2020 – this is how Lunaz describes its latest creation in one sentence. The reworked Phantom will get only thirty new owners, arriving with a fully-restored original body and Lunaz proprietary electric drivetrain.

Eagle Etypes Jaguar E Type:

Dedicating your entire company to the restoration of a single car model might sound like a risky business, unless as stated by Enzo Ferrari, this model is the most beautiful car ever made. The English Eagle builds original Jaguar E-types but frees them from the downsides.

Morgan Plus Four:

Morgan Motor is probably the only company from the isles that manufactures cars that still look like they were designed 100 years ago. The 2021 Plus Four represents a new version of the model that was produced intermittently since 1950.

Aston Martin DB5 Continuation:

The A-M DB5 Goldfinger appeals to the nostalgia of grown up and beyond well-off fans by featuring spy-inspired exterior and interior gadgets developed in cooperation with EON Productions.

Mini Remastered:

Mini by David Brown Automotive was originally revealed in 2017, but currently, it offers two special-editions: Café Racer and Monte Carlo.

Bentley Blower Continuation Series:

The original Bentley Blower was developed for the 24 hours of Le Mans race by one of the greatest drivers of the age - Sir Henry ‘Tim’ Birkin. This year, the brand is attempting an ambitious continuation project that will see 12 replicas of the model .

Rolls Royce Corniche:

The RR Corniche (1971-1995) was initially offered in two body styles – coupe and convertible. The former was discontinued after 1981, totaling in only 1090 units manufactured. Veloce Classic gives you a chance to own one of these unique cars.

Caterham Super 7 1600:

Lotus 7 became one of the most recognizable sports cars of the 20th century, which can be attributed to the hard work by Caterham. Till this day the model is being refined, the latest model being a Super 7 1600.

Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato:

This list won’t be complete without one of the most expensive new cars produced in the recent years. The DB4 GT Zagato and its super exclusive Centennary edition were released as a part of the Aston Martin Continuation Series in 2019.
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