#12 Elon Musk grills Robinhood CEO, Bye ICE Cars, New VW SUV & more!

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On today’s episode of Vice Versa we’re talking about the GM releasing the last of the gasoline Cadillac V-Series, Elon Musk getting the CEO of Robinhood to spill the beans about Gamestop stock sales, Panasonic producing the 4680 lithium ion battery cells, VW electric SUV leaks, and more.

Going live Thursday at 5PM PT/8PM ET!
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0:00 Introduction
1:00 GM's Last Performance Gas Cars
5:45 Elon talks to Robinhood CEO about Gamestop
10:10 Elon is optimistic about Biden Administration
13:29 Sandy Munro + Elon Musk!
15:23 Tesla Building Supercharger Factory
18:30 Panasonic to build 4680 Cells in Sparks Gigafactory
22:49 VW SUV Sneak Peak!
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