15 Business Lessons From SOPRANOS TV Show

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15 Business Lessons From SOPRANOS TV Show
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15 Business Lessons from SUITS (The TV Show):

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In this video we will be answering the following questions:
Why was Sopranos Cancelled?
Is The Sopranos the best show ever?
Is there a Sopranos Season 7?
Is The Sopranos overrated?
What's better Sopranos or The Wire?
Which Sopranos episode is best?
Is Sopranos better than breaking bad?
Is The Sopranos Based on a true story?
Why did Tony kill Christopher on The Sopranos?
Why was the Sopranos so influential?
Does Tony Soprano get killed?
Is The Sopranos still worth watching?
Why is Sopranos Season 6 2 parts?
Does Tony get whacked?
Is Sopranos on Amazon Prime Canada?
Does Netflix carry the Sopranos?
Is Sopranos leaving Amazon Prime?
Is Sopranos on HBO Max?
What does the word Sopranos mean?
Is The Sopranos on Netflix or Amazon?
What is the best season of Sopranos?
What is so good about the Sopranos?
Is Sopranos Season 6 GOOD?

00:00 - Intro
00:14 - Cash is King.
00:50 - Follow the same rules you expect others to.
01:42 - Have empathy.
02:08 - Everyone has flaws.
02:31 - Mistakes have consequences.
02:55 - Create the illusion of control.
03:32 - Be decisive.
04:02 - Have old school values.
04:41 - Understand your team’s abilities.
05:22 - Be willing to negotiate.
05:58 - Network often
06:44 - Your family and theirs is important.
07:31 - Even at the top, there is someone to answer to.
08:17 - Be brave enough to implement change.
09:11 - Accountability is from top down.
09:47 - Question

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