AK74u Stats & Best Class Setups! | Cold War Gun Guide #10

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Welcome to Cold War Gun Guides! In this series, I break down all of the important stats as well as best attachment & class setups for every gun in Black Ops Cold War. In today's episode we're going to to taking a deep look at the AK74u. What do you think of this gun?

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Damage
1:04 Rate of Fire & TTK
1:45 Bullet Velocity
2:00 Ranges
2:38 Hipfire
2:42 Sway & Recoil
3:20 Handling
3:36 Reload Times
3:56 Movement Speeds
4:07 Strengths & Weaknesses
4:49 Unique Attachment(s)
5:37 Best Class Setups
8:22 Wrapping Up
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