Anime动态漫 | 100% Perfect Love暖婚100分S1E20 YOU ARE MINE只有丧偶没有离婚(Original/Eng sub)

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Anime动态漫 | 100% Perfect Love暖婚100分S1E20 YOU ARE MINE只有丧偶没有离婚(Original/Eng sub)
世界上可能没有比布桐更惨的人了,绿帽子一戴就是两顶——她没有公开的未婚夫 厉家少爷历思源和她的女朋友搞在了一起!明明知道厉家少爷贪图的就是他们布家 的财产,但与历家老爷子交情深厚的爷爷却无论如何不同意退婚。既然退不了婚那 她就换一个人嫁好了——历思源的死对头厉景琛,放眼帝都最尊贵的男人。一番较 量,布桐与厉景琛迅速闪婚,成为了历思源的小婶婶!想玩死我布桐?鹿死谁手还 不一定呢!
Anime | 100% Perfect Love S1E2 YOU WANT TO MARRY ME?(Original/Eng sub)
Butong is perhaps the unluckiest person in the world. She was betrayed twice – her undisclosed fiancé has an affair with her friend! She knows Master Li is only keen on the money of Family Bu. But the Grandpa Bu has a strong and sincere relationship with Grandpa Li and Grandpa Bu is not willing to break the engagement. Since she can do nothing about the engagement, she just wants another man to marry-Li Jingchen, the enemy of Li Siyuan and the man who is the most powerful in the kingdom. After several discussions, Butong marries Li Jingchen quickly and she becomes Li Siyuan’s aunt-in-law. Do you really want to hurt me? We will just wait and see who is the final winner of the battle of love.

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