Catalina: Last Journey of the Patrol Boat Yankee - Episode 1

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CATALINA - LAST journey of the patrol boat yankee is a mini television series that features the story of how a 1931 Catalina PBY was restored in South-Africa and flown back to it's home in San Diego where it sits today in the San Diego Air & Space Museum in the Gillespie Field Annex.

The story follows how San Diego businessman Jim Slattery, who loves naval aviation, restored the Catalina. He spared no expense to preserve it wherever possible. We follow a 21 day trip back to the US flying at unprecedented low altitudes. The result is the most spectacular views of Africa and South America ever captured on camera.

Under the competent care of mission pilot Mike Castillo, the PBY was flown from South Africa, up the west coast of Africa, over the Atlantic to Brazil across to San Diego. The plane arrived at its final destination, Gillespie Field in El Cajon, following a 16-leg, 12,000-mile journey that lasted three weeks.
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