Changes - A Christmas Story

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5 Years on YouTube! Thank you to everyone that has supported and watched my videos from day one, and been there through every glitchy video uploaded and filmed on my iPad, to all of the file corrupted videos that got riddled with black bars and jump cuts. All of the cringe livestreams and horrible customs, thank you for sticking around. 2015 feels like it was yesterday, despite the large changes since then. Layouts on floors, turned into 3 different house moves and a set table with a sky. My collection went from dreams of a Hornby Thomas, to an army of Double O engines, and my customs went from Jock's made from Thomas' to a rake of ideals that I am so happy to have made. (If you remember THAT, you get a pat on the back) The show also plummeted in quality since then, but that won't stop me anytime soon from making more videos for you all. Aside from all the potholes and speed bumps, you guys have been the George in my life that I never knew I needed to smooth it all out, and keep me happy. Thank you, here's to 5 more!


Percy The Small Engine is ecstatic to be pulling his annual train of post to the junction for the holidays, but is given an unhappy surprise that derails him and his Christmas Spirit.

This video is made to express the changes that have been made after the recent COPPA takedown, where comments have been removed. Unfortunately, people who make videos with Thomas Characters can no longer receive comments and thoughts on their videos, which is upsetting as that is one of the best parts of posting a video. I thought this is a good metaphor to show how us getting the short end of the stick from YouTube has made me, and many others feel.

Thanks to everyone that helped me with this video! I am 5 months late, but I hope this was worth the wait, as I am very pleased with the result! Enjoy!
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