China’s dictatorship ‘getting more aggressive, hostile and ready for war’

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Communist China presents a real and present danger as it is a dictatorship “that is getting more aggressive, more hostile and more ready for war” says Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“The coronavirus, believe me, is not as dangerous as China is right now,” Mr Bolt said.

It comes as two Australian journalists have landed in Sydney after being rushed home from China following advice from officials in Beijing around fears for their safety.

Bill Birtles from the ABC and Michael Smith from the Australian Financial Review “were pulled out from China for their own safety but only after several days of hiding and high-level negotiations with China to let them go,” Mr Bolt said.

Chinese authorities questioned them in regards to the Cheng Lei investigation.

Mr Bolt also discussed other Australian citizens who have been arrested and held in China as tensions escalate between the two nations.

“I cannot underline enough how alarming this is," Mr Bolt said.

“These arrests are not just proof that China is an enemy of free speech, including our own right here in Australia, it is telling us to 'shut up or else'".

“This is a communist dictatorship that under president for life Xi Jinping, seems no longer to care about getting on with any of its neighbours".

Image: AP
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