CHRISTMAS SNOWBALL fight in CAR CITY! | InvenTom The Tow Truck | Car City World App

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Welcome to Car City, an exciting universe where all types of vehicles live and thrive! This automotive metropolis bustles with activity and residents often find themselves in tricky situations. Fortunately, our heroes are always here to help a friend in need. Meet Carl the Super Truck, Tom the Tow Truck, the Car Patrol, and many more.
Based on the series who already won over million of children across the world, "Car City Super" takes the show to new heights with complete redesigns and refined storylines, centering around friendship and communal life.

Welcome to Invent’Tom Stories!

Tom is a talented Inventor Truck, who only seeks the welfare of Car City’s residents. In his high-tech lab, he creates the greatest, wackiest inventions in order to fulfill his friend’s dreams. Time machines, robots, flying footballs… you name it!

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