Cold War Zombie Glitches: New Wall-Breach Method Under Nacht Roof Glitch - Die Maschine Glitches

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Hello & Welcome to my New - Video Of Black Ops Cold War Zombies On Die Maschine Showing You A New Glitching Method Under Nacht Roof Glitch - if you wish to see

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►Founder(s) Of Figuring Out Glitching Method But It Has Been Done Randomly Around Map Before But Nobody Knew How The Glitch Was Done. CerealGlitchers Unique Gaming Productionz

Original Accidental Founder Of Glitch Spot At Roof Zapity - Other 2 Spot Was Found By CerealGlitchers Unique Gaming Productionz

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★Intro Music;MackelmoreVevo | Mackelmore | Ceiling Can't Hold Us
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►Equipment I Use:
elgato hd60-pro:
HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition:
Blue Microphones Snowball ice:
Blue Microphones Yeti Microphone - Whiteout

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