COLOURFUL RANGOLI DESIGNS WITH 13 X 7 DOTS/Latest muggulu designs/Rangoli kolam design easy & simple

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Colourful rangoli designs with 13 x 7 interlaced dots. Simple kolam designs with dots. Easy muggulu design for festivals. These rangoli designs are usually drawn in front of the house. The rangoli can be drawn with dots or without dots. The kolams without dots are known as freehand rangoli. These kolams are made by using white kolam powder. You can use different colours for this rangoli to make it beautiful. It is believed that kolams drawn at the entrance of a home, it brings prosperity and success to its residents. The kolam patterns are often passed on from generation to generation, like from a mother to her daughter. Basically, these kolams are used for decoration and also it is used as a food for ants, insects and small birds. Since the designs are made by using raw rice flour. Different types of kolams are drawn during festivals like Pongal, Diwali, Onam, Christmas. There are two dot patterns used for kolams, one is a straight dot or parallel dot pattern, another one is interlaced dot pattern. Rangoli kolam designs with colours are very popular in southern states of India. This is a beautiful floor decoration art which is mostly made during festivals and pooja seasons. These days you can see colourful kolam designs gaining popularity. This beautiful kolam design is made by using white kolam powder. These rangoli kolam designs have religious significance. They are thought to bring good omen and prosperity into homes. If you want more rangoli designs like this, subscribe this channel so that you will get new updates. Thanks for watching.
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