Crocheted Christmas Lantern Inspired Wall Hanging

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Showing my crocheted Christmas lantern Inspired wall hanging.

Yarn used: Light weight yarn. 97% acrylic & 3% metallic(yarn bee sugarwheel cotton sparkle)
Crochet hook:
Steel ring: 19inch

Tutorial of this wall hanging is coming Soon!!!

This is my first round wall hanging décor. Inspired by the Christmas lantern in the Philippines. Lantern usually displayed during Christmas season in the Philippines. The most common shaped is five-pointed star with tassel in two bottom point but you can make different shapes. We used to make it using a bamboo & metallic paper or cellophane sheets.
This is where I got the idea in making this wall hanging. My first plan was to use the one skein yarn thinking that I can get the ring size I need after. But I only found a 19inch ring so I changed the panel again as shown in the video. Overall, I enjoyed making it & excited to share. I hope you like it. Happy crocheting!!!

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I used US terms crochet stitches.

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Happy Crocheting!!!
Why most of my videos are voiceless?
English is my second language. My English speaking is not that good vocally. Thankful to my husband. He always helps me every time I'm unsure with instructions.

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