Did Arthas Really Deserve The Maw?

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With Afterlives Bastion it was confirmed that Arthas was in the Maw, but did he really deserve it?
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So in Afterlives Bastion we learned the truth of what happened, how when Arthas fell in Icecrown Citadel he was taken by the Kyrians through a backdoor in the Shadowlands and was thrown by Uther directly into the Maw.

However had Arthas gone to the Arbiter, would he really deserve to end up in the Maw, or would he go to Revendreth or even Bastion if we really stretch it?

I talk about Stratholme, the Plague of Lordaeron and how Arthas was manipulated by Mal'Ganis and ultimately the Jailer into becoming what he became.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.
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