DISCIPLINED Dumbbell HIIT Workout / Full Body | EPIC Heat - Day 10

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30 minutes of controlling your dumbbells are you perform a wide variety of exercises or target the entire body and really elevate your heart rate!

Technique and control is paramount in this the dumbbells at all times! Even though this is high intensity training, it is different to bodyweight and it is more important to perform as well and as safely as possible as opposed to pace.

For this high intensity workout you will simply need a pair of dumbbells and your mat! The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 8kg each!

The timer will be on for 30 seconds of work, 15 seconds rest!

Each exercise is performed for 2 sets with a lot being single side work so the next exercise will be the opposite!

There are alternatives to step back interest of hopping!

High squats
Clean to press
Forward step pass under
Single dumbbell burpees
Suitcase squats/jumps
Double arm row
X1 dumbbell press to lunge
Swing to squat x 1 dumbbell
Clean to squat to press
Plank to row to side plank
Squat to press
Push up to alternating row to tuck
RDL to squat
Lunge to staggered squat
Lunge hold with curl
Uneven squat to press
Squat walk
X2 dumbbells burpees!

This workout is obviously ‘slower paced’ than bodyweight only yet still as intense as it is maximum speed that you are able to control the dumbbells!

You’ve got this!!


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