[ENG SUB] Love is All 17 (2020) | My idol is actually my boss and I have no any clue!?

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❤ Love is All (Zhang Haowei, Zhang Ruonan) (2020)
Genres: Historical, Romance, Comedy, Suspense
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????Airing schedule:
Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 20:00 (GMT+0800)
one episode per day.

????Plot summary:
A story about love and fighting for justice follows the quarrelsome pair of Tan Ling Yin and Tang Tian Yuan.
Tang Ling Yin is the quirky daughter of a wealthy family whose life becomes entangled with county magistrate Tang Tian Yuan. He is sought after by many for being handsome, well-mannered and having an impressive family background. The two start off on the wrong foot yet eventually join hands to solve a case

Tang Feilong / Tang Tianyuan - Zhang Haowei
Tan Lingyin - Zhang Ruonan
Duan Feng - Dai Jianyao

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