FRANCE BUT I DON'T SURRENDER - Jaguar A & Leclerc in War Thunder - OddBawZ

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The French Leclerc Tank in War Thunder is one of the most unique vehicles of top tier. It's well protected, most so than most tanks and it even has the firepower to back it up.

The Leclerc has one of the most potent cannon rounds in War Thunder. With almost 600mm of penetration at point blank and 1800m/s, it's a close contender to being the best MBT in War Thunder.

The French Jaguar A is really fun to fly. It has a crazy angle of attack, turns well and is pretty fast too. It's also one of the coolest looking planes currently in War Thunder.

The Jaguar has a lot of armaments to choose from. From Magic Missiles to SNEB Rockets and the new Flechette rockets that are great for headons with other jets and taking out helicopters. It's a very unique French Jet Fighter and definitely a welcome addition to the game.

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