Fraud, Abuse & 5D : The INSANE story of Love Has Won & Amy Carlson | CULT DEEP DIVE

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Please note: this video was filmed before the discovery of Amy Carlson’s body in the Love Has Won house in Moffat, Colorado on April 29th 2021. It also contains triggering content.

I started investigating the Love Has Won cult at the beginning of April 2021, thinking they were just some strange little new-age group talking about spirituality - how wrong I was. While on the surface, they might seem ridiculous, outlandish and even a little funny, when you dig deeper you find a cult rife with abuse, trauma and fraud.

This video is a deep dive into Love Has Won and Amy Carlson/Mother God, their beliefs, the well documented abuse of followers, the allegations of fraud and other criminal connections, Amy’s ill health, and ultimately her death. From the Galactic Free Press, to Love Has Won, I hope this video goes some way to explaining the cult and why they are dangerous. I have no doubt I’ll be making a part two of this video as more information surfaces, now that they are finally being investigated.

Many thanks to Eve, Milo, Sammy, Ryan and all of the teams at Rising Above Love Has Won and Love Has Won Exposed for helping me put this video together.




What makes Love Has Won a cult?

KD Wells “My History with Amy Carlson”

Rising Above Love Has Won

Love Has Won Exposed

Love Has Won Subreddit

00:00 : Intro
: How I found Love Has Won
03:00 : Who are Love Has Won?
10:04 : Origins of Love Has Won : 2009 - 2018
19:07 : Jason Castillo
21:12 : Follower Abuse
28:58 : Leaving a follower for dead in the desert
31:20 : How do they recruit?
33:58 : Allegations of fraud
39:27 : Crime, missing people and corruption
44:22 : Hawaii and Dr Phil
46:34 : Amy’s health
51:19 : Body found, investigation begins
54:31 : What can you do?
56:52 : Outro

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