FromSoftware's Worst Game — Ninja Blade

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Ninja Blade was the last game FromSoftware developed before their big hit Demon's Souls. This game is a mess, but it's a mess in some pretty entertaining ways that you'd never expect from the company these days.


0:00 intro
1:33 story overview
2:07 quick time
3:56 combat/movement
4:57 turret sections?
5:46 boss design
7:07 ugly game
7:33 ambition
8:15 technical issues
9:32 mission 7
10:40 ending
11:39 the final secret
13:36 closing thoughts
14:39 sponsor/outro
15:31 bonus

big thanks to the following people:
kevin's computer for the animated intro/3D renders throughout:
Grapfic for help with the thumbnail:
Onua for rendering the SFM solaire pose in the thumbnail:
TKGP for the image comparing the spider boss models:
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