Gap Civil Band- Entertainment Dance Music, Laurel Bloomery Fiddlers 2019 winners are compiled

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Starting with "Sally Ann" and followed by "Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss" Gap Civil Old Time Band was asked about mid-night Saturday to provide entertainment dance music while Laurel Bloomery Old Time Fiddlers Convention 2019 winners are compiled and awards processed. The dance floor was filled at this late hour with a lot of highsteppers and freestyle dancers of all ages.

Gap Civil Band took 2nd place honors in Old Time Band category. Gap Civil specializes in playing high energy traditional tunes for square dances and free style gatherings and is here represented by Chris Johnson/Banjo, Lucas Pasley/Fiddle, Stacy Boyd/Bass, Seth Boyd/Guitar.

Winner List: Old Time String Band:

1. The Old Time Serenaders
2. Gap Civil
3. Slate Mountain Ramblers

94th Johnson County Old-Time Fiddlers Convention------
23-24 August 2018, Old Mill Music Park, Laurel Bloomery , TN
(Always the Friday and Saturday prior to Labor Day Weekend)

This now commonly called the "Laurel Bloomery Fiddlers Convention" since it has been held for the last 20 to 30 years (accounts vary) at the Old Mill Music Park in Laurel Bloomery (Johnson County), Tennessee. The first fiddlers convention was held in the Johnson County High School auditorium in Mountain City in 1925 and has since been held somewhere in the county every year since. Grayson and Henry Whitter are alleged to have first met and formed their recording partnership at the 1927 Johnson County Fiddlers Convention. Henry Whitter already had established contacts in the fast growing recording industry according to some accounts.
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