How Much Does The Nvidia RTX 3080 Really Cost

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Recently, Nvidia announced their new RTX 3000 series graphics cards and they are quite impressive but also quite expensive. For the past several years, Nvidia has consistently increased the prices of their graphics cards with their most recent flagship the RTX 3090 coming in at $1,500. With such high prices, they must have thick profits which they do with a gross profit margin of nearly 60%. However, that's not reflective of the true price to produce each graphics card after accounting for research and development costs as well. This video analyzes Nvidia's quarterly report in order to determine the approximate true cost of developing and producing Nvidia GPUS. This video also attempts to figure out how much the RTX 3060, 3070, 3080, and 3090 actually cost and how much Nvidia profits from their graphics cards.

0:00 - Consistent Price Increases
1:04 - Nvidia’s Financial Reports
2:11 - Nvidia Revenue & Gross Profit
3:33 - Nvidia RTX 3080 Gross Profit
5:02 - Nvidia RTX 3080 Net Profit
6:52 - Nvidia RTX 3060 Profit
8:42 - Nvidia RTX 3070 Profit
9:44 - Nvidia RTX 3090 Profit
11:41 - Nvidia’s General Profits

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