Iconic cars of the '80s and '90s - RadVentures Season Trailer

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For Ryan Symancek, a car’s character only comes alive in its true element. RadVentures isn’t a show about staring at museum pieces; it’s a show about feel. The feeling you get when you push a car to its full potential. This four-episode miniseries highlights '80s and '90s icons by showing what was great about these cars then, and what people are doing to them now to make them even better.

Ryan examines stock variations of rad classics, but throws a wrench into the whole equation by pairing these classics with something over the top! Whether it’s a stock 1986 Audi 4000 Quattro, or a 700hp Ford SVT Lightning, there’s always adventure to be had. Each episode has a unique spin, mixing specs and history with action and adventure.

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Written by:
Ryan Symancek and Chris Szczypala

Director of Photography:
Chris Szczypala

Camera Operators:
Chris Szczypala (@chris_szczypala)
Ryan Symancek (@ryansymancek)
Victoria Gockeler (@)

Production Assistant:
Steve Lizotte (@stevelizotte15)

Ryan Symancek

Color and Sound:
William Schultz (@editwilliam)

Location Coordination:
Chris Duplessis (@cduplessis70)
Chris Napoliello (@chris_napp)

David Quiroga (@david_quiroga)

Vehicles Provided:
Alex Jagger (@jagger227)
Matt Bystrak (@byst500)
Gas Factory (@gas_factory)
East Coast Drift School (@eastcoastdriftschool)
Churchill Classics (@churchhillclassics)
Himalaya (@drivehimalaya)
Travis Wilson (@twilson240)
Keanna Erickson-Chang (@keannaechang)
Aris Mantopoulos (@aropedo)
QuattroMotion Racing (@quattromotion_racing)

Special Thanks:
Monticello Motor Club (@monticellomotorclub)
Raceway Park (@racewaayparknj)
Danny Zicarelli (@dzdoit)
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