Love Is NOT An Action...

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People love to say that love is action, but that isn't completely true. Love is not an action, and in this video I'll provide you with the love advice to break this down correctly so that you can experience better dating and

I completely understand why people say love is action, or that love is an action word, but that love advice can set you up for failure without a deeper understanding of love. We have to move beyond the surface if we want better in dating and relationships.

As a dating coach who provides relationship advice for women and men, I want to make dating and relationships easier for you. I pray you find this video helpful, and that you will receive the person who is truly best for you.

If you are asking any of the following questions:
- What is true love
- Signs of true love
- What is love
- Signs he loves you
- Love advice for women
- Love is an action word
- Love is an action not a feeling
and more, well I believe this relationship advice for women and men video will give you the clarity you need.



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I hope you enjoyed my love advice video "Love Is NOT An "

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