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Here we present the first episode of the series "Love Marriage". In this episode, Leelu met a girl named Kusum, who came to be the sister of his own friend Raja. Kusum's simple lifestyle took Leelu's heart away and he started dreaming of getting married to her. Fortunately, the night when Leelu decided to propose to Kusum, he got a call from Kusum to meet her early in the morning. Filled with so much excitement Leelu could not sleep all night. But the episode ends with a twist as all the fortunes came out to be the most unfortunate thing. Watch the episode and enjoy.
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Team NazarBattu :
Pawan Yadav:
Dinesh Singh:

Directed by: Yash Vardhan Singh

Asst. Director: Aryhant Yadav

Written By: Yash Vardhan Singh

Project Head: Harsh Gautam
Show Runner: Ameen Khan

Edited by: Harsh Gautam
Asst. Editor: Lovish Sethi
Color Grade: Lovish Sethi
Background Score: Vikas Karautiya, Harsh Gautam

DOP: Pradeep Goswami
Assistant Cameraman: Jeetendra Tiwari

Thumbnail: Phoenix

Production Manager: Aman Bajpai

Production Controller: Nandu Yadav

Pawan Yadav
Aman Bajpai
Dinesh Singh
Avinash Verma
Ritika Sharma
Aryhant Yadav
Kunal Gautam
Naveen Sahsi

Sonu Mishra
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