MAD vs PSG | 2021 MSI Groups Day 1

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VoD of MAD Lions vs. PSG Talon
2021 Mid-Season Invitational #MSI

Casters: Drakos & Caedrel
Analyst: Sjokz, Wadid & Vedius

Full Line up:
MAD Lions Line up:
• Armut – Top Lee Sin
• Elyoya – Jungle Udyr
• Humanoid – Mid Ryze
• Carzzy – ADC Tristana
• Kaiser – Support Nautilus

PSG Talon Line up:
• Hanabi – Top Gnar
• River – Jungle Nidalee
• Maple – Mid Sett
• Doggo – ADC Kai'Sa
• Kaiwing – Support Leona

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