❤️My Cute Little Girlfriend❤️GLMM❤️Gacha Life Mini Movie

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some info about this video:
Adam have known Isla for like 7 or 6 years and Isla too she have known Adam for 7 or 6 years,Adam had
crush on Isla for like 2 years,and Isla had crush on Adam too,one day Isla went to a "park" for chilling and to study,she saw
Adam there,she heard Adam saying that he likes Isla,and also she heard he said that he has crush on her for like 2 years.

that’s all I could explain ????

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A: I’m 11 years old.
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A: my name is Banaz!.❤️
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A: my birthday is on August 19 ❤️????
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A: yes of course????????
Q: can we comment and tell you which mini movie or series to make? ;p
A: yes of course I would be happy ;))

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