my FIRST DAY of college vlog (freshman year)

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get ready for my first day of school and lets do this college thing together. vlogged my day even tho it’s all online! yippie! you got to say hey to my roomies for a sec too so that was cool…

there’s more content to come but i didn’t vlog much when i went on campus to get my books! don’t feel too comfy whipping my camera out in front of too many people yet!
but i’m having so much fun already the first week is almost over and i love all my classes!

i’ll upload some more vlogs on my second chan too!!

not sure when it’ll be up because school is first right now! BUT I LOVE U

vlog channel:

insta- hannahmeloche
snap- hannah_meloche
pinterest- hannahmeloche
vsco- Hannah Meloche
tiktok- hannahmelochewhy
spotify- HannahMeloche

everyones situation is different please don’t judge my experience thank youuuu

give this video a ???? if you wanna help the chan out & keep hearing good music in the videos over copyright free music! i really like my good music! I'll probably keep using it even if you don't thumbs up the video tbh!

comment what type of school you're doing (online/in-person/nothing) if you’re reading this I wanna know!

i love you and appreciate you so much

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