Proto P2 Cars w/ Kawasaki Engines: Autobianchi A112, FIAT Cinquecento & FIAT 850 Special

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Proto P2 cars are a sort of covered go-karts with a very low weight and powered by motorcycle-derived engines which makes them very agile and suitable for slalom races and for tiny, little circuits. Generally they are homemade by enthusiasts but there are specialized companies who build these fun track-toys. In this video you can see three of them I recorded during the 2020 Challenge Valpolcevera, a Formula Challenge race organized by Scuderia Valpolcevera and held at Castelletto Circuit. Formula Challenge is an Italian series taking place on permanent circuits or on arranged ones (dirt, tarmac or mixed). Races are chase races in which the cars start at preset intervals. The type of the circuit must be such as to provide an average speed not over 80 km/h. The final classification is drawn up to the sum of the times resulting in the two best heats of the race (out of 3) discarding the worst.

You can see three of them here and they are all powered by Kawasaki engines. The white Fiat 850 Special should have a Kawasaki taken from a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-12R while the white/fluo yellow Fiat Cinquecento have the engine taken from the Ninja ZX-14 / ZZR 1400. They are both fielded in the E2 SH 1400 class for silhouette cars. Instead the white/grey/red Autobianchi A112 has a stroked ZX-14 engine (), able to produce around 230 hp, and it races in the E2 SH 1600 class.

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- Camcorder: Canon Legria HF GX10 + Canon DM-100 Microphone
- Event: 2° Challenge Valpolcevera 2020
- Where: Castelletto Circuit, Italy

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