RAREST TANK IN WAR THUNDER Part 2 - Sponsored by Alienware m15 R4 - OddBawZ

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Thanks to Alienware for sponsoring this video. If you wish to check out the m15 R4 device for yourself, click here:

The Alienware m15 R4 Laptop is a savage when it comes to playing War Thunder. I ran the game on High Settings at 1080p and recorded the footage using OBS at 68000 Kbps which is identical to the settings I use on my normal desktop computer.

On certain maps the Alienware m15 R4 would hit over 200fps but remained steady above 100fps with no glitches or freezes at all even when I was performing the most demanding tasks I could throw at it.

The YouTube Cup T-80U was a reward tank for winning the YouTube Cup back in 2019 with Gsqd. We got to choose a top tier vehicle to own as a unique event vehicle with its own unique camouflage. As such, I have the only Cup T-80U in the game.

Other YouTube Cup vehicles and their owners are:

CathFawr: M1A1
RotorHead7: M1A1
Slickbee: Leopard 2A5
Oxygen_Thief: Challenger 2
OrangeDoom: Super Mystere

The YouTube Cup T-80U is identical to the tech tree T-80U in every way except it has ever camo unlocked right away including this really cool Black/Red version. It also has a little trophy next to the name and costs a little more to repair than the tech tree version.

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INTRO (00:00)
THE LAPTOP (02:07)
GAME 1 - T-80U - TROPHY HUNTING (03:27)
GAME 1 - SU-17 - BOMBING RUN (08:01)
GAME 2 - T-80U - GHASING THE ACE (09:46)
GAME 3 - T-80U - DESERT STORM (14:35)
HEY YOU! (21:38)
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