Raw vs Nitro "Reliving the War": Episode 50 - September 23rd 1996

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WWF Raw and WCW Nitro go head to head once again in this week's episode of Reliving The War. The date is , WCW Nitro is on TNT while WWF Raw is on the USA Network, both shows are live and both shows are stacked this week. Who will win this week's Monday Night War?

It's the night after In Your House: Mind Games and the WWF presented an excellent main event featuring Shawn Michaels vs Mankind. On this week's episode of Raw, the company crowns a new Intercontinental Champion when the IC Title Tournament finally comes to an end. Marc Mero vs Faarooq opens up the show while the final segment features Jim Ross reintroducing "Razor Ramon".

Over on Nitro, many WCW superstars have travelled to Japan. This gives the nWo a perfect oppurtunity to cause havoc and this is exactly what happens. The New World Order completely takeover WCW Nitro this week, and the main event features The Outsiders in tag team action.

00:00 - In Your House Mind Games Results
04:36 - Nitro's Unopposed Hour
07:36 - IC Title Tournament Finals
11:58 - Randy Savage vs Greg Valentine
13:42 - Owen & Bulldog vs Bodydonnas
17:20 - nWo takeover Nitro
20:52 - IYH 11 Hype / Jim Duggan in action
24:18 - HHH vs The Stalker / nWo Sting vs Bo LeDuc
27:47 - Outsiders vs High Voltage
30:18 - Razor Ramon comes back to WWF

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