READY FOR WAR: US chiefs issue terrifying nuclear conflict warning - 'least bad option'

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Ready for WAR: US chiefs issue terrifying nuclear conflict warning - 'least bad option'.
US Strategic Command and Space Command are set to warn the world the "spectrum of conflict today" could rapidly lead to nuclear war.
The US military command wing in its annual posture statement will also describe how the US military will conduct its budgetary 2022 spending. US Commander Charles Richard will speak in front of the House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Committee on Armed Services this week. USSTRATCOM outlines the US military's readiness for combat and its strategic vision for how it will address future conflict possibilities.
It will also outline the unpredictable conflicts that could escalate "rapidly" into nuclear war.
US Strategic Command and Space Command outlines that this outcome could be decided upon when certain nations consider nuclear force as "their least bad option".
The Strategic Command will deliver its statement on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be led by Commander Richard alongside US Space Command's Commander James Dickinson.
He has described the difficulty of the Strategic Command's role as being one of preparing for a war that has never been fought before.
"Rather, we are preparing for the war not yet fought.
The US Space Command is responsible for military operations in outer space.
Outer space is designated as 62 miles above mean sea level.
Former US president Donald Trump in December 2018 reshaped the US Space Command into a newly established, fully unified combatant command.

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