Seth's Top 10 Commander Legends Cards

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Normally when a new set releases we do top 10 lists for various formats, but this time around for Commander Legends we're doing something a bit different because Commander itself is a different kind of format. Unlike formats like Standard, Modern, Pioneer, Legacy and the rest which are mostly about winning, Commander is about self-expression, about playing cards that you love that you don't get a chance to play in other formats, about having a good time with friends new and old. Rather than doing a spikey tournament-focused top 10 lists the Commander Clash crew will each be sharing their individual top 10 lists focusing not on what cards are best or most likely to lead to you winning the game, but on the cards they personally are most excited to play with, based on whatever criteria they choose. First up we have Seth. What Commander Legends cards are Commander Clash's resident durdler most excited to sleeve up? Check out the video to find out, and if you want more great Commander content, make sure to subscribe to the MTGGoldfish Commander Youtube channel!

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