SNOW DAY!! Adley & Niko play with winter toys! feeding animals! surprise cabin vacation with kids!

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Exploring the mountains to find Moose, Elk, Deer, Fox, birds and more!!!!


Best Snow Day Day Ever 1175

We're going on a adventure!! It's been so long since we've been able to leave the house for a real journey but today Adley, Niko Bear, and me are able to safely travel up to my dads cabin to play with one of our brand new Christmas presents.

Something you guys didn't see on our Chirstmas morning vlog was Adley getting an amazing snowmobile sled from her grandpa. So of course we needed to go up to the mountains to ride it. After a beautiful drive thru Utah we show arrive and have to take a quick house tour, looking at all the improvements my dad has made. After the tour, its time to bundle up and start playing in the snow!!

Adley makes a snow angle, Niko Bear makes snowballs, and we all have a blast watching them ride the sled for the very first time. The take turns driving and going up down the hill while they have tons of fun. After a little while, we decide it would be fun to ride in the tubes behind my dad's RZR. We get hooked in and start riding through the snow. It's a blast!!!

Back at the cabin, we decide to warm up with hot cocoa and Niko Bear showing grandpa his new dinosaur cars he got for Christmas. We also help my dad put out food for the moose, deer's, and foxes that live up here. After getting all the feed out, Adley and I go icicle hunting around the cabin, finding some really good ones in the backyard.

Before you know it it's dinner time, where we have delicious French toast with my secret trick to making them taste way amazing and shortly after the kiddos fall asleep after having the best day ever. In the morning we are surprised by seeing a mom and baby moose outside eating the food we set out. The kiddos love it and I love that they get to have these experiences and make such fun memories!

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