The Heartbreak that led Me to You / gacha life movie / 100K special / gay

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So most of you know this already but we hit 100K! Thank you all so much, the channel wouldn’t have been anywhere near this point if not for all of your guys’ support, so I just want to say thank you to all of you, whether you were with me from the start or just subscribed recently thank you all! I couldn’t have done this without any of you.
And I’d like to give thanks to some specific people who helped me out whether I’ve known them forever, or have just started supporting me recently, so thanks to: @Rose Potato, @Its Rina, @koitz @midnight velvet @Flower_cake @Lil’ Snowie Playz and a lot more which I don’t have time to name.
And Again thank you all for sticking around and helping the channel get to where it is today ????????????

So to celebrate this occasion I’ve created a movie and I hope you all enjoy!

Time taken?

2-3 weeks

Screenshots taken?


No it’s not inspired by anyone really, but it’s probably not original because there’s probably been someone who’s thought of this before me or something
warning this video includes topics such as:
implied abuse
a few dirty minded jokes that you'll only get if your not innocent
one dirty minded scene that isn't really a scene because it didn't happen, but was imagined/pictured by one of the characters due to jealousy, and is visible through the characters mind, but the MAIN interaction didn't physically happen it was something that the character pictured, if something isn't pictured it'll be like the rest of the movie, and not show someone thinking of it, if someone is thinking of it it's either a memory or something they pictured, and in this case its something they pictured.
logical deceptions

I hope you all enjoy!
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