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From September 1941 to January 1944 Leningrad had been under siege from the German army. For four years they were defiant, and this defiance was about to pay off.

In this episode of Battles Won & Lost we see how Soviet forces relieved Leningrad after all this time and understand what it was like for those living under this bombardment. Described as “A city of heroes defiant of death, ready to die on their feet because they don’t want to live on their knees” Leningrad was a place where the “supply of courage was never low.”

Also in this episode we explore the famous Guadalcanal Campaign, and examine the reasons for the Allied loss in the Battle of Crete.

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00:00 - Start
01:42 - The Guadalcanal Campaign (1942)
12:45 - The Allied Bombing Campaigns (1942)
20:05 - The Battle of Dakar (1940)
26:20 - The Relief of Leningrad (1944)
31:22 - The Battle of Leyte Gulf (1944)
38:24 - The Battle of Crete (1941)
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