TIGER ARMOUR AT 3.0 - Pz. III M in War Thunder - OddBawZ feat. @PhlyDaily - Volumetric Armor

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In today's video, I'm joined by PhlyDaily in our Pz. III M and Pz. III L to see just how effective volumetric shells and armour is.


The Panzer 3 M was a little chonk of a German Tank before but now it's got some serious improvements with the new patch. This and the Panzer 3 L have the same spaced armour on the turret. This comes in the form of a 20mm thick high hardness wall that sits off of the main turret mantlet. Because of the materials and space, the Pz 3 M and Pz 3 L now have up to 120mm of protection against some shells.

When you shoot a Panzer 3 with an APHE, the high hardness armour detonates the shell causing its penetration power to diminish. This also works the same for HEAT. I highly recommend if you're playing allies to bring out a few solid shot rounds or APCR to help deal with this staggeringly effective little beast.

Although it seems like all tanks armour in War Thunder has been improved overall making for more exciting dog fights in tanks, this Pz 3 specifically has had a huge buff. Definitely revisit this!


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