TODA One I Love | Full Episode 24

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'TODA One I Love' is a political romantic-comedy series that depicts a typical scenario of an election within a community with a sprinkle of romance. The story is set in the fictional town of San Bernabe, where the election of the local Tricycle Owners and Drivers' Association (TODA) and the new mayor takes place. Gelay Dimagiba (Kylie Padilla) is the daughter of a respected tricycle driver who was mysteriously murdered. To know the truth behind his father's unexplainable death, she takes place of his position in the TODA and tries to win the battle against corruption in their town led by local politicians, Dyna (Gladys Reyes) and Miguel Generoso (Victor Neri).

Stream the latest full episodes of 'TODA One I Love' on and starring Kylie Padilla and Ruru Madrid. Also in the cast are Ms. Gladys Reyes, Victor Neri, Jackie Rice, David Licauco, Tina Paner, Allen Dizon, Kim Domingo, Buboy Villar, Ayeesha Cervantes, Bruce Roeland, Raymond Bagatsing, Maureen Larrazabal, Archie Alemania, Cai Cortez and Kimpoy Feliciano. #TODAOneILove #KyRu #TODAOneILoveFullEpisode, TODA One I Love KyRu

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