Turns Out Arthas Is A Really Big Deal

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The new Shadowlands Afterlives revealed a lot more about Arthas than we once knew
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So if you've watched the Shadowlands Afterlives: Bastion you may have realized that Arthas is actually a huge deal and not just a fallen prince.

He shook the Kyrians and Bastion to the core and so far it seems like he is one of the character responsible for breaking the Shadowlands machine and empowering the Jailer and the Maw In this video I quickly discuss his backstory and my speculations on his connections to the Jailer as well as the links between the dreadlords, Kil'Jaeden, Sargeras, the Lich King and the Maw.

Going over how the Helm of Domination and Frostmourne were created and why is Arthas an agent of the Maw. How is he wielding the armor and the sword of the Jailer and what is the link between the Jailer and the Lich King.
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