Vishva Hindu Parishad leader on 'Love Jihad' | NL Interview

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The Hindutva bogey of “#lovejihad” has made a comeback lately. Madhya Pradesh and #UttarPradesh have even brought legislation to purportedly curb “forced conversions” through interfaith marriages.

Suresh Sharma, a local leader of the #VishvaHinduParishad in Guna, Madhya Pradesh has been with the extremist Sangh Parivar group for nearly 20 years, working full time. Sharma’s list of “achievements”, in his own words, includes “bringing back 50 Hindu girls” who had been in relationships with Muslim men or eloped with them.

“Love jihad is entrapment of Hindu girls by Muslim men in order to turn them into babymaking machines and increase the Muslim population,” he said, speaking at his home in Guna. “This whole thing is a deep conspiracy and starts outside coaching centres, schools, or even inside your homes.”

Lest you couldn’t make sense of his bizarre ideas, Sharma explained how it works. Read more:

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