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Original and Full Tesla Battery Day Video:

Rumors on Battery Day for Tesla Include: Increasing efficiency, transportation, reducing costs, increasing battery life including changes like: Cobalt Free - reducing costs. Roadrunner Production: Nickname for the new production process that should be faster and scalable throughout Gita factories. Tabless Design: Helps reduce heat from larger battery. Different Chemistry: Dry vs Wet. Possibly speeds up production / making the production faster, think “Road Runner” from Looney Tunes. Moduleless Design: Reduces weight & parts. Removes the plastic modules the batteries usually go into, which then the module goes into car. This allows Battery insertion directly into battery “pack” in car. Less weight = longer range. Larger Design. More efficient IF heat build up is solved. Possibly 4-5x the size with up to 10-15x the power per cell. Maxwell Technologies Acquisition: Dry electrodes, Ultra capacitor.

Impact: Plaid Model S (Maybe X). Milks higher end (currently somewhat forsaken). MAYBE to Compete with Lucid Air - with 517 max range. Possibly Longer Ranges: Very unlikely to boost mileage in base models. That might lead people to delay buying a Tesla. But it’s very likely to boost mileage in higher-end vehicles like Plaid S & X, the Cybertruck, and most importantly, the Semi Truck. Limiting the longer ranges to higher end. WHILE at the same time Increasing Profit Margin on existing vehicles. AND increasing “profit per vehicle.” Very important metrics.

Million Mile Battery. (Currently around 400,000-500,000 Miles). Might help eliminate the “EV” fear people have over batteries like early Prius adopters. Vehicle to Grid: New Battery Chemistry may make Vehicle to Grid charging easier. Using your car like a backup battery for your house. Also using your car battery to offset peak usage. Robotaxi: Your car will drive many more miles if you put it into service as a robotaxi (think driverless Uber/Lyft).

ICE Uncompetitive: This new technology could help Elon Musk reach a goal of producing a $25,000 Tesla. Battery tech currently costs around $6-7k in a Model 3. Lowest model 3 price now is $31,690. If that gets halved, the profit on a model 3 could go up 10%. BUT it also helps pave the way towards a sub $30,000 car in the future.

Faster Charging: Different battery chemistry could enable faster charging without damaging batteries. Current fast charge takes a toll on batteries.

Semi Truck Production: This is bigger - if the new battery can push the Semi Truck to a larger capacity & fasting charging, it might be the nail in the coffin for hydrogen for the time being.

Better Powerwall: Probably increase storage capacity while reducing cost. Increases energy margin.

Plane: This might be the battery technology that gets us to the efficiency we need for a battery-operated, electric plane. Elon has frequently referred to a super sonic vertical take off plane that flies at higher altitudes than regular planes to limit drag. These would also be significantly more quiet than other jets.

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