What really happened with my Parents...THE TRUTH

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Today starts out normal, but then gets very emotional. We start the day getting Evie Lash Extensions! To see the whole experience go to her channel! Just before that we of course get Starbucks! Then I come home to 3 boxes on my front porch. It's from my PARENTS! What in the world could be in these 3 boxes! I go through all 3 boxes live on camera! I really hope I don't get too emotional and cry! Kapri and Sebi join me to look through it all, then when Evie gets back she starts looking through it! Then when I get back home, Evie surprises me and shows me her new lash extensions! Wait until you see my reactions! They look so good! After that I show you Evie's new cheer uniform and we start packing like crazy for Evie, Brinley and Kapri's cheer competitions this weekend!

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