Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock #3

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Whiskey Blues Vol. 3 -1 Hour Collection of some of the finest relaxing slow #Blues/#BluesRock tunes. Tracklist:
00:00 Ida Bang & The Blue Tears - Dear Daddy
08:10 The Superstitions - Tin Pan Alley
13:45 Working Blues Band - Who's Been Talking
17:45 Fred James - Life is Hard
23:40 Eddy Wilson's Blues Band - I Just Can't Wait No More
28:00 Roxy Perry - House Of The Rising Sun
33:05 The Nortons - Married to the Blues
41:00 Jimmy Dawkins - Me, My Guitar And The Blues
47:40 Julian Sas - Is This What They Call the Blues
53:46 Aunt Kizzy'z Boyz - I'll Play The Blues For You
58:38 The Dynamite Daze - The Coolest

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