Zodiac Signs For Tarot Cards

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Hello and welcome to Shared Sentience. Thank you for tuning in! I am an intuitive empath and I use tarot cards, oracle cards, runes, double six dominoes, and the help of spirit to deliver messages to those in need. I am a Pisces sun, Pisces moon, and a Gemini ascendant. If you’re interested in viewing more of my readings, make sure you subscribe and tap the bell icon to be notified so you don’t ever miss your weekly reading!

There are a few things that I don’t address in the video about myself as a reader, and about tarot itself. I’m going to address them here:
1. Energies can be backwards, roles can be reversed, or I can just be getting messages for/about someone in your energetic field. Apply the roles how they fit, if they fit at all.
2. If this message doesn’t resonate, you could also check your (sun if that’s not the sign you’re watching for), moon, rising, Venus, Jupiter, and north node signs, or even your other signs, current energies we are in, etc. And of course you can always check out other readers who may have a message for you.
3. Sometimes messages might not resonate at all, and when that happens, it simply means that there’s not a message there for you, but it came through for someone.
4. Time is fluid so don’t worry about the timeframe of the reading. Whenever you watch this is when you need to see it.
5. Do not focus too heavily on card gender. Take it however it resonates.
6. I do read intuitively. The cards and tools alone have a lot of meanings, but the main source of information are the intuitive messages I receive.
7. I am only a messenger and messages are not always what you want to hear.
8. Remember that these tools and readings do not dictate your life. This is just energy and energy can change. Readings are really just meant to show you opportunities, possibilities, and to give advice or guidance. This will of course never overpower or replace free will.


1. Any and all donations and payments go directly back into my channel. I am very grateful for your support and for allowing me to help you in this journey ????
2. If you’d like to donate to my channel, you can do so at (old name, can't change link) or on CashApp, you can find me at $sharedsentience
3. You can reach me at sharedsentience@

For legal reasons, I must advise you that tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only. By visiting this channel, you understand that Amanda (Shared Sentience) is not a financial, legal, medical, or psychological professional, and you agree that her advice will not be taken as deliverance of any of those services.

This channel is simply meant to offer guidance; however, readings are based on current energies. Things can always change, and most people are watching for that reason— so they can make decisions that might alter the outcome of their future, if they so desire. Every individual has free will, which at literally no time can be replaced by a deck of cards or any other divination tool.

By visiting this site, you also agree that Amanda (Shared Sentience) cannot be held accountable for any outcomes, and you understand that she accepts no liability for any actions you choose to take based on your own interpretation of a tarot reading. Please use this information responsibly.

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